High converting lead forms for your website

Learn about your audience and increase your leads.

Take a quiz and get extra 50 submissions to your account
+ 3 best ways to use quizes in your business (.pdf)
Intuitive builder
Clean desing and colors customization
Different conversion triggers

How it works ?

Soquizzy is the online lead quizes builder, made for marketers


Offer your visitor to take a quiz

  • Create a few questions for your clients
  • Install created quiz into your website using our guide
  • Watch Guide
  • Integrate easily with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Tilda ... and others platforms
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Visitor answers your questions and leaves his contacts

  • Discover your visitor's needs
  • In order to make visitor leave his contact info, offer a discount or bonus
  • Website conversion becomes higher thanks to game mechanics of the quiz
100 applications free

Reach out the client and offer a hot deal due to his quiz answers

  • Check the client's answers in your account
  • Analyze quiz results and create personalized offer to your client
  • Integrate your quiz with newsletter and analytics services
21% usual quiz conversion
Free testing. Unlimited quizzes.
5X more leads than from ordinary site or landing page

Our features

Turn data collection into a game

There are a lot of questions types available such as classic, pictures choice. arbitrary answers, datepicker etc.

You can offer your visitors a discount or bonuses to increase conversion and convince to leave contacts.

Design the look and feel of every piece of your content by adding custom images and choosing quiz colors.

Quiz is easy to set up and install on your websitesite. On average, it takes 10 minutes.

100 applications free

Case Studies

See how people use Soquizzy in their business

Free testing. Unlimited quizzes.

Custom quiz

No time to figure it out yourself? Our marketing team will create a quiz for you, based on your needs.

Contact us

10 minutes to setup

Quiz creating and setting up will take around 10 minutes. Check our guide to speed up your start.

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