Cost per client has halved

Mini-hotel “Maksima” is situated in the seaside of Azov in Kyrylivka. It is popular resort in Ukraine, that is why the competition between hotels is gigantic there. The main goal for Màksima while working with Soquizzy was to highlight that vacation in Màksima could be comfortable and not expensive.

Today we want to share our clients success and tell how they got 89 booking for their hotel , and halved their client cost using marketing quiz.

Earlier the price per new client was 2,5$. After the SoQuizzy technology had been used, the price per client became less over 52% and now the price is 1,2$.

Using the quiz “Answer 5 easy questions and get discount for the living in the seaside hotel. The Màksima owners got lots of submissions with clients’ preferences. Clients got 20% discount for their stay in Màksima hotel.

The amount of reservations for the summer season 2019 became 4 times bigger (only during the time of quiz-testing).

If you need help with quiz installation, our support will be happy to help you!