76 leads for beauty studio in Warsaw

Babalab is the beauty centre in Warsaw and Krakow. It is specialised in manicure and epilation. They came to “Soquizzy” when a new treatment as lymph drainage was implemented. The goal we needed to achieve was: creating data base of people, which are already interested in Babalab’s services (people, who visited the website).

Today we’ll tell you, how our clients got 76 leads for BABALAB beauty studio procedures , using marketing quiz.

In the very beginning the price per submission was nearly 0,98$ ( social media and google advertisements included).
With help of Soquizzy, Babalab created a quiz “Learn the best massage for your body to look healthy and be in good condition”

After one month of using our quiz, they raised their data base in 836 persons (small investments in social media and google advertisements included). The conversion of website visitors raised in 18%. Clients took the test, because this topic is important for them. The reason visitors left their contacts – to get 50% discount for the first treatment from professionals of Babalab beauty centre.
As a result of quiz-marketing, the cost per submission got less almost twice: 0,44$