60 bookings for mountain hotel

Agora Chalet is the hotel in Carpathian mountains. The main difference of Chalet is its localisation: it is situated at the top of the mountain and has incredible view.

We want to share our clients success and tell how they got 60 booking for their hotel , using marketing quiz.

Agora’s owners came to Soquizzy before the opening of the hotel in order to create the data base of potential and loyal clients. Another one important goal was to make people know about a new hotel in Slavsko.

After first month of quiz “Answer 5 questions and get the list of ‘must see’ places in Slavsko” working, clients base of Agora was 236 persons, 60 of them left their contacts and got free transfer to the mountain’ top, list of “must visit” places in Slavsko and a dicount coupon for 2 hours relax in spa centre. The price per submission is 0,25$ (little investments in social media and google advertisement)

If you need help with quiz installation, our support will be happy to help you!