140 first orders for little pizzeria

Magic Pizza is a new pizzeria situated in Poznan. They have their website and try to reach first clients on Facebook.

The Goal

The main goal of Magic Pizza is getting first orders, despite the high competition in the field of pizza in Poznan.

Which solution was chosen?

Magic Pizza created an order form in Soquizzy and promoted it in Social Media with targeting advertising (10$). It was a usual form in a form of quiz with pizza man tips. After filling it up the customer gets 15 PLN discount for the order. At the last step of the form client left his name and phone number.

In a few minutes Magic Pizza called him to confirm the order and to do upsell.

Quiz results

During 3 days of advertising, Magic Pizza got their first 140 orders (for little pizzeria it is good enough).

In addition thanks to the confirming call, Magic Pizza did upsell for nearly +43% from the total cost of the order.

Here is how the Magic Pizza quiz looks:

If you need help with quiz installation, our support will be happy to help you!